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How can I pre-place an order with Foodungry?

Begin by entering your address on the homepage and search for local restaurants around you. Once you’ve selected your restaurant, it’s time to choose your food. Browse the restaurant’s menu to select food and drink of your choices. Add coupons available and complete your payment for the selected items to place an order.

How will I know that the restaurant has accepted my order?

Upon pre-placing your order, you will be taken to the order tracking page for the live order tracking and status. The order details or receipt will be shared with the restaurant to check the availability of the items for its confirmation. The status will be updated and notified once the confirmation is provided by the restaurant on the order tracking page

What happens If a restaurant does not accept my order?

Occasionally, a restaurant can’t accept your order due to item unavailability, a high volume of the order, trouble with the operations or restaurant being closed. If this happens, Foodungry will contact you as quickly as possible via phone call, SMS, or email to notify you about the situation. If you have paid online with your credit or debit card, the amount will be refunded to your source account within 2-3 business working days or alternatives will be provided. You can check for the refund status of your order by reaching out to us through chats and emails.

I have an allergy and food intolerance, what can I do?

Foodungry is not involved with food preparation and is not responsible for issues or allergies resulting from ordered food. All dishes may contain traces of allergens (i.e. wheat, gluten, milk, soya, peanuts, etc.). If you have a food allergy or intolerance (or someone you’re ordering for has), contact us immediately or mention a note while preplacing an order which will be shared with the restaurant. This will help us to provide a disclaimer about your allergies or food intolerance prior to the preparation of the food by the restaurant.

How can I cancel or modify the preplaced order?

If the restaurant hasn’t accepted your order yet, you still have an option to cancel. Here's how you do that: Go to Order Tracking Page for the help, Tap the “Cancel Order” option available on your screen followed by the reason of cancellation. If the restaurant has accepted your order and you’d still like to cancel, chat with us online and we can help! Please note that If the restaurant has already started preparing your order, we will not be able to modify or issue a refund upon cancellation. However, you can only cancel your scheduled order max 60 mins prior to your chosen time slot.

How can I give special instructions for a dish?

The special instructions option is available for every dish you choose on the order summary page. One can illustrate their instructions to be followed by the restaurant on every dish. If a restaurant fails to satisfy the instructions provided, feedback will be given to them for a better approach.

How will I communicate the pattern of food preparation?

While preplacing the order from a local restaurant, you can choose the pattern of preparation available on orders. The user can either choose to have your food prepared and ready by the time you make your way to the restaurant or preparation of the food after your arrival.

I have a problem with the quantity and quality of the food served, where should I report these?

Foodungry is not associated with the food preparation as we are involved in facilitating the placement of the order, the quality and the quantity are solemnly the responsibility of the restaurant. If a restaurant fails to satisfy the expectation, please provide us feedback on the same. We will ensure that your feedback is passed on to the restaurant management to resolve these concerns for future orders.

Can I pre-place multiple orders?

Yes, the customers can pre-place multiple orders if you can be present at multiple venues at the same time. If a customer fails to present himself at the venue for his multiple orders, either of the multiple order preplaced will have a delay or shall be cancelled by reaching to our support team over the chat and email.

How will I track my preplaced orders on Foodungry?

The customers can track their preplaced orders on the order tracking page option available on the Foodungry application in real-time for the live order status. The tracking page will contain the order summary, restaurant venue details, timeslot chosen, and option to inform delay or prearrival of your presence.

Do all the outlets listed on the Foodungry supports the preplacing of the order?

Yes, all the restaurant outlets listed on our platform will support the preplacing of the order. However, the restaurant will either support eat-in or takeaway depending on their functioning. Also, every outlet of a brand will not be available for the eat-in service. The list of curated restaurants supporting eat-in and takeaway will be visible separately for the users.

How will I get to know that the ordered items are available at the restaurant or not? Also, are all the items listed on the concrete menu of the restaurant available on Foodungry’s menu?

The items that are not available on the menu for choosing or marked as “Currently not available” or “Sold out” are those items which the restaurant is currently not serving based on its availability. The items available on the digital menu are those which are updated in real-time by the restaurants. It depends on the restaurant for the listing of items on the digital menu in accordance with a concrete menu.

What will happen, If the chosen items go unavailable during the checkout?

This will happen during the change of item price or item unavailability or on restaurant closing status updated in real-time by the restaurant on the portal before your payment completion. In that case, you will be redirected to the restaurant’s menu for choosing an alternative item or the same item with an updated price.

What are the payment options available for the customers?

Customers can make payment through their credit/debit card or UPI/wallets during the checkout using the Foodungry for preplacing or takeaway orders. Also, we have cash on arrival option for the customers with a condition of the food preparation on arrival.

When cancelled the preplaced order, will I be eligible for the refund?

If you have cancelled your regular eat-in order prior to the food preparation and scheduled order prior max 60 mins, you may expect a refund to your source account with 2 to 3 business working days. If the order is not cancelled considering the above two scenarios, we shall not be able to provide you with any kind of refund. Also, if the order is bound to be cancelled due to non-appearance of the customer at the chosen timeslot, the order will be cancelled post 30 mins of scheduled time without any kind of refund.

How can I inform the delay or pre-arrival?

The customer will have options to extend the time of arrival for a maximum of 15 minutes for a delay and to inform the pre-arrival in the order tracking page. Upon either of the response provided, the details will be notified to the restaurant partners to plan the food preparation accordingly.

What should I do once I reach the restaurant venue?

Once you reach the restaurant venue, please provide the order id code to the restaurant attender and get seated. The order id code is for the security measure to ensure that the correct order is served to the customer.

I am not able to find the order id code for the verification, what should I do now?

The order id code will be available on your order tracking page for verification. However, if you have any concerns with respect to the order id code, please reach out to us through the “Help” option available on your order tracking screen. Our saviours will get in touch with you shortly.

I reached the restaurant venue on time, but the table is not reserved for me, what should I do now?

When you pre-place the order, the restaurant will have the item and seat availability checked post providing confirmation to the order. If a restaurant fails to do that, please contact Foodungry support immediately, our saviours will coordinate with the restaurant to try and sort the concern. If not, feedback will be provided to the restaurant management to achieve that standard as Foodungry is not associated with the table reservation.

I do not appear at the restaurant venue at chosen time, what if I appear restaurant very late post delay buffer of 15 mins?

If a customer does not show at the restaurant venue at the chosen time, post the delay buffer of 15 mins our executive will try reaching you to understand the concern. If a customer responds to you within 15 mins from the delay buffer, we will try to communicate the restaurant for the same. However, we will not guarantee the food to be served warm by the restaurant, it is solemnly depending on the restaurant. Post 30 mins of the chosen time, the order will get cancelled if the customer does not show at the restaurant location.

I want to recommend a restaurant to be listed on the Foodungry, what do I do that?

Customers can find “suggest a restaurant” option available on the profile page, kindly add the requested details of the restaurant. We will verify the details provided from you to approach these restaurants to be partnered with us.

How do I contact Foodungry support?

You can use the “Help” option available on your profile screen or on the order tracking page for the placed order, our saviours will get in touch with you in no time. Also, you can chat with us or write to us at info@foodungry.com.

How can I reach Foodungry with a proposal?

One can write to us at info@foodungry.com with the details, our concerned team will revert back within 48 hours.

How can I reach Foodungry for career opportunities?

One can write to us at info@foodungry.com with the details, our concerned team will revert back within 48 hours.

How can I provide feedback to Foodungry?

One can write to us at info@foodungry.com, your feedback is valuable for us. Any sort of feedback or suggestions are welcomed, our concerned team will reach out to you within 96 hours.



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